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Surviving Lockdown Wine Bottle Label

Personalised gift-giving is a lovely thing to do. Especially in these exceptional times. Nothing brightens up the day more than an out of the blue random act of kindness.

Get The Printable

I have added the printable for the wine bottle label at the bottom of this blog post. It is a PDF document that you download and print at home. Just scroll right to the bottom of this post and there is a file download for the printable there.

The How To Do It Part

Scroll right to the bottom of this blog post for the download file. Print the file out at 100%. There are two wine labels on the document, so you can treat two friends or save one for later. Cut around the label using the crop marks as your guide. Use double-sided tape or Pritt stick and glue the label over the existing label. If you have the time (or can be bothered, lol) soak the original wine bottle label and peel it off. Pop the bottle into a wine bottle bag. Now, here is the interesting part, since we are not permitted to visit people outside our own homes. Drive by your friend's house, left the bottle on the step, ring the bell and run away!!.

That's your random act of kindness for the day. If you do use the labels I'd love to see your creations. Tag me on Instagram.

See ye later,

Kaela xx

A4 Surviving Lockdown Wine Label
Download PDF • 6.93MB

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