• Wee Wishes Godparents Proposal Keepsake Gift


    This is a token gift as a unique way of asking that important special question for the imminent new arrival.

    • The front of the card asks, "I need the Best Godparents in Derry, will you be mine?"
    • The card is a small A7 mini greeting card
    • The wee bag of wishes is full of precious wee treasures that express the sentiment of the occasion 
    • The mini greeting card comes with a brown Kraft ribbed envelope
    • The bag measures approximately 4 inches x 5 inches


    The inside of the card has the following verses:

    A Wee Heart ~ because I'll steal yours

    Candle ~ because you'll both be my guiding light

    Eraser ~ because I can always count on you both to support me through my mistakes

    Bird ~ because you will both help my Mammy & Daddy give me the wings to fly

    Hankie ~ to wipe my tears when I need someone to talk to in times of joy & despair

    Jigsaw Piece ~ because you'll always be an important part of my life

    Flower ~ because if Godparents were flowers, I'd pick you every time

    Gold ~ because you are both worth your weight in Gold



    Wee Wishes Godparents Proposal Keepsake Gift

      • A bag of Wee Wishes and token treasures
      • The bag measures approximately 4" x 5"
      • Small A7 luxury printed card
      • Quality ribbed Kraft envelope
      • The inside of the card carries the verses that correspond with the wee token treasures inside the bag

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